Monday, March 01, 2010

No Gold for Me

I didn't finish Kaitlyn yet. I've almost run out of yarn and at 12:07 I called it. 2 blisters, tennis elbow and twitchy eye later... I gave up. I shoved her unceremoniously into my knitting bag and went to bed. I slept like the dead!

I am still proud of my accomplishment. I did knit a lot. It was a challenge for me, a BIG challenge. And yes, if I had spent less time playing around online holding knitting in my lap and actually knitting then I probably would have made it. No, I still would have run out of yarn. Ugh!!!

Here she is right now in all her glory:

There's always 2012. I'll give it a better go then.

1 comment:

~dani said...

well I think she's quite pretty in her sleeve and half should be very proud and I can't wait to see her complete :)