Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates and Lots of pics

I know it's been a while but really I haven't had much to report that didn't require pics. Here are some works in progress, finished baby quilts and my new sock yarn.

Sheldon. Sheldon neeeds his shell and a new "outfit" but even though he is living in my project bag that goes with me everywhere, he's on the back burner. Er, so to speak.

Mom's Mitts. These are almost done and I will give them to her when they are. They are not presents really, just something I thought would be fun to knit and she's the recipient with the coldest hands. They need about 2 inches and a thumb to be done:

Grandma's socks. These need to be done by Sunday. I am concerned. I love them, the yarn is stretchy and great to work with. I have about 4 inches on one and 6 on the other to go. Daunting.

I forgot to take an updated pic of Zoom Zoom (the test knit socks) but here is one done. The other one has about 4" to go:

Here are the finished baby quilts. The mom is having back labor and the twins are 6 lbs a piece but not here yet. Probably in the next day or so I bet. I LOVE how these turned out and I think I will try to crochet something similar.

And finally, my new Smooshy. I LOVE this yarn. I don't know what I'm gonna make with it but it'll be awesome!

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