Sunday, June 21, 2009

Done. And then some.

I finished my Grandmother's socks yesterday. I was a little worried that I wouldn't have them done in time for the b-day celebration today but I did. Then, I wove in the ends of Mom's socks, and wrapped them both by 4. That gave me a chance to work on my Zoom Zoom socks on the way to and from Diz for Jake's birthday dinner at T-Rex. I'll post a couple pics and some video on Monday but we had a really great time even if it was 982 degrees outside.

Last night we were watching the 2nd episode of TruBlood and I worked a bit on the 2nd of Mom's Mitts. I really dont have much left to do on it, but I have a knitting-related injury and really need to stop for a bit. Apparently I stabbed my right pointer with a very sock needle and it HURTS! Especially when I'm knitting with it. Oh, the price we pay! lol.

So, in a bit I'll head to Church, then to my Mom's. We're celebrating Jake's, my Mom's and my Grandma's birthdays. I made some cake. It'll be fun!

More on Monday when I can post pics. Happy Father's day.

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