Monday, July 12, 2010

Nothing to see here

No really, nothing to see! I am not one with the 2nd sock of the blue and white pair, but I'm close. I probably have less than an hour to go on it. However I have been working on sewing a purse! I'll put up some pics in a few days when it's done. Well, assuming I get some decent naptime to work on it! It's really cute though! Perhaps a little bit past my comfort zone.. but it's coming along.

Nothing back from the place I sent After Hours, I am fiddling with the idea of either self publishing it (and praying they say yes for yarn support) or offering it to a different magazine. I'm still giving it some thought.

I am really REALLY looking forward to school starting, only a month and a half left. I am such a dork, I am anxiously stalking the school's website to see when they book lists become available. I want to get mine ASAP so I can start reading and hopefully get ahead of the game. See... dork. But I guess its better to be excited about school than dreading it, right?

Sean is moving backwards on the potty training, he's managed to go #2 one time in the potty, and that was about 2 or 3 weeks ago. He starts school same time as I do, so I am seriously running out of time! Suggestions?

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