Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It's been almost 2 months since my last post. You've been sadly ignore and you have my apologies! It's been a crazy summer here at Chez Whines-A-Lot. Ear infection and swimmer's ear, getting ready for school, 27 lbs of books, Disney trip, visiting friends and family (locally), couponing, (they really need to make that a word), reading, , staying up late and waking up early. I have been knitting on a sock, after an epic fail of a really cute one (too small to fit any human because of the stranding). I do need to frog that one but it is so cute, even if it is not able to be cute on a foot!

I have officially survived my first week and a half of school and have managed only to get lost going to each campus once. Tomorrow the glass guy is coming to fix Travis and I's mysterious windshield cracks, and the tv guy is coming to (hopefully) fix or replace the tv where I think Sean hit it and killed a pixel. Horray for insurance and warranty!

Money saving strategies are going well (go now to walmart with the Gain Dish soap coupon from this past Sunday's paper to get a free little bottle and make $.03) and I am planning to do my own coupon class to some friends that are interested in saving money on their own grocery bill. To get people excited, I brought a bag full of goodies (deodorant, tooth paste and razors) to life group and let everyone pick something out. Only thing I paid for was the $.24 Crest Pro Health, everything else was free. Needless to say I have a lot of people excited about the class. Me... not so much since I am NOT good at talking in front of people, but I think it will be ok since they are all friends.

I promise not to wait so long to post again, but they will be short and sweet since I have lots of school work to do with 4 classes and a lab! Wish me luck.

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