Sunday, May 24, 2009

That's some Good News!

My Purse-Onality design was bought by the mag and will be published in March. I. Am. So. Excited!! It was for more $ than last time and they bought it without having to see it first. The pattern is almost done and will head to testers shortly. This makes me doubly excited to send Sweet Summertime for the May issue!

In truth I haven't touched yarn in almost 2 weeks. First I got sucked into Twilight, then I had to read the rest of the saga rightnow!!! I finished that a few days ago and felt like I would rather read than sew or knit or crochet so I read Pride & Prejudice and finished last night. Actually it was after 1 so it was this morning. Time to quit the books for now so I can get some sleep! My yarn hiatus has made my fingers so sore, see... NOT over use! Maybe they are also mad at my only using sock yarn for a while. Maybe if I made something with thicker yarn they'd be happy?

Speaking of yarn... I went to the yarn shop last week and they were having a sale!! I spent $18 and got 1 skein of Tofutsies in a purply/pink and 3 (!) skeins of Worsted weight Angora Rabbit/Wool blend. Big skeins too! I now have almost 300 yards of the stuff. I have been thinking on what to make with it, but I haven't decided yet. The normal price on that stuff is $19/skein so it's like I bought 1 and got 2 more plus sock yarn free!! Oh Happy Day. lol.

Sean is Sir Sneezy today, hopefully the allergy meds will kick in so we can go to a friends b-day party. He has also just discovered the wonder that is the yarn winder. He is so funny.

Jake is counting the days until he will be a 3rd grader. 2.5 to go.

Well, that's it for me, more later and pictures, right.

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