Friday, March 07, 2008


Well, I've finished the seekrit jacket except for some snaps that I need to buy. Yay!!! It came out so cute, I really like it. Extreme closeup? Sure.

I also wanted to show you Mom's sweater as it is right now. The colors aren't really like that. I cant get my camera to capture it correctly.:

Travis is on his way back from a few days in MS with his Dad. I don't think he won a million dollars, but hey - you never know! Tomorrow we're going to Epcot (weather permitting), then Sunday I'll probably head to my Mom's - she's missed her time with the Dyson since I forgot it last weekend. Whoops! At some point I need to buy a size 6 24" circ and the snaps, as well as head to the grocery store. Busy busy.

I accidentally had a small falling down when it comes to sock yarn. I ordered 2 skeins from Yarn Discontinued one of these and one of these (only from the other place). I'm so excited. The turquoise ones are for Damarys for Christmas. That's her favorite color and I've decided to give her 1 more chance at owning hand-knits. The other skein will live in the stash for a while. I just couldn't pass it up since it was half of what I normally pay. Yay! Same with the Supersock, it's normally twice as much as it was there. AND they are giving away some samples of sock yarn for each purchase. How could I turn THAT down?

Thats it for now, have a great weekend.

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