Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

And since he doesnt read this, I am perfectly comfortable telling you that I started knitting him a birthday hat this morning. Yep, this morning. He will be in Florida tomorrow and I will see him on Friday, so I think it is perfectly acceptable to delay his birthday gifting until then, thus allowing me time to finish the hat.

So far, I have kitted (in k4p4 rib) about 1.5-2 inches and a few rounds of knit on 10.5 16" bamboo circ. I'm using (drumroll please) the alpaca from my last trip up home. It's black and soft and georgous, with a bit of hay stuck in, although I am trying to pick that out as I go. I'll keep on knitting, eventually decreasing until it fits a human head. Easy peasy.

So, how was your Easter? Ours was ok, the kids had fun, and when Travis got home from work at 6:30, we had a nice dinner at his parents' house. Sean thouroughly enjoyed trailing after Jak while he picked up eggs. He understands what egg means and it sounds like he's saying bock bock bock (what a chicken says). He's saying baby, kitty, puppy and thank you. And yesterday I noticed something a little too advanced. My FIL was playing with Sean on the floor, going around the coffee table and letting Sean "chase" him. He got a little quicker and once he got more than half-way away Sean did an about face and went to fetch him going the other way. Normally they will follow, around and around, until they catch up. I was pretty impressed and gave my MIL the "Uh oh, we're in trouble" look.

Well, that's really about it for now. Hopefully more tomorrow, with pictures!

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