Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hate it when that happens

I dropped a stitch in my Dad's hat. When did I notice it? Today at lunch (3 inches after it happened). Whoops! I had to frog the whole thing. That's OK, I didn't much like the 4x4 rib and have re-started it as a 2x2 rib instead. It will fit better I think, since the alpaca doesn't have any stretch to it.

I did manage to take pics this morning.
Me and Jake, then Sean wondering why he wasn't in the picture!

I also got 2 new books!!

and Things I Learned From Knitting (Weather I wanted to or not!). I got the Houseworks book in yesterdays mail and I haven't gotten very far but I like it. Lots of great tips and they are helpful!

Not much else to talk about. Hopefully I will have more tomorrow.

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