Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh happy day!

So today is the opening day of the fair, and when I entered the pink angora baby dress into competition they gave me a free ticket. Handy that, since the kidlet is free and so is parking so I could spend money only on fair food! Anyway, so we went to the fair today because my logic was that with it being opening day AND Thursday while most are still working that it wouldnt be too busy that it is a good time. I was right - not really a ton of people yet. I went straight away to the building housing the competition stuff. Here's what I saw:

And that my friends would be a blue FIRST PLACE ribbon! As you can tell from Sean's face, he was so thrilled for his Mama! I am officially an 'award winning crocheter!' Yes I am excited, and also a dork! But YAY me! Wanna see 2nd place?

In my memory I was remembering the blue one, but really its the white one that was in my section. I also saw this really, REALLy cool thing:

This the best in show for yarn (I think thats how the breakdown was - since I didnt see any yarn clothing BIS. Anyway, this tapestry, for lack of a better description is done in what looks like Icords all manipulated into circles and lines and zigzags to create the picture. Brilliant and beautiful - I am happy to loose BIS to this creation. Anyway, moving on.

I know that I really should have kept up with the unfinished scarf, since I said I would and all. However, I'm not so god with the sticking to things once I start to not like them anymore. So, I started a sock. Whoops! I got this pattern from the Sensational Socks book, which I love but it is so easy really! Knit 1 row, K2P2 the next row, and repeat, using a normal sock pattern. I like how it is turning out, ribbed, but with the little purl bumps showing intermittenly through the recessed bits of the rib. Anyway, hers a pic so far. BUT, I did get some crocheting on the scarf done at the crochet meeting yesterday - go me.

Thats it for now, more later.

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