Monday, August 28, 2006


Still no blog. URG! OH well what can I do. I'll give a babyvill update then repost something my Mom was looking for.

Babyville - Lunar month 6, 20 weeks LMP. Baby weighs 10.58 ounces or 300 grams and is 6.46 inches or 16.4 cm long. Baby's blood cells take over for liver in producing blood. The gall bladder becomes functional, producing bile which is needed for digestion.

Remember last week when I posted that story about Jake and Aliceon? Well yesterday Mom called me saying she was gonna show it to my Grandpa and what was the website again? Oh, the blog I deleted you mean? Yep - that one. urg urg urg. So here goes.

Sunday before Last, when we took our little trip to Hans and Kerry's place to hang out for the day. Tracie and I were sitting on the sofa crocheting, Kerry was in the rocker crocheting - she looked like this:

And the kids were playing. Now the sofa butts against a wall that seperates us from a hallway going to the stairs that lead to the playroom. Jake and Aliceon (both 5) were in the hallway and Jake says "let's kiss". I say "no, Jake" Aliceon says "It's ok" I say "no, you dont need to be kissing" and Jake says "But I'm going to marry her" Hans (from the kitchen) and I say at the same time "well you can wait until your married to kiss her". It really was too funny, and it took all the control we ALL had not to bust out laughing. Here are some pics of the happy couple:

That's it for now.

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