Thursday, June 24, 2010

A finished project. Really!

The other day I let Mom try on her birthday sweater (her birthday is tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure it fit before I finished the 2nd sleeve and the 2 fronts). It didn't fit so I stopped working on it. That led to 2 things. First, what do I give my Mom for her birthday, and second, what do I start working on next?

The answer to #1: the Zoom Zoom socks that I made earlier in the year and will be a second pair of "warm socks" for her. She will be appreciative. Yay.

The answer to #2: well, that's a little harder. It started with me looking at my stash of sock yarn and petting, vigorously the alpaca that I got in January. That led me to scouring my sock patterns in print, print-out and Ravelry for the perfect pattern to go with my perfect, creamy white yarn. No luck. I found some great patterns that would look great with the yarn but either the yarn was too thin for the pattern or I didn't have enough of it. Pity, but I will try again with that yarn in the future. That made me have a look at the WIPs I had and found 2 pairs of socks in that category. The closest to done was the Ladybug socks that I started in August and got through all but the toe plus 2 rounds. So I decided to finish it.

I haven't touched it in MONTHS! I finished it in less than 3 hours. Now I have adorable new socks! Yay.

Next up, I will do the 2nd sock to this "Pair". I did this sock in August of '08 on a trip to New York and it has since languished in the WIP pile. Today I brought it back out and cast on. I've done a few rounds but that's it. I am a little worried about the heel though since I think I did a different heel than the pattern called for. Guess I'll have to fake it and hope for the best! More soon.

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