Saturday, May 08, 2010


It's been a heck of a couple weeks, and I think that it's starting to get back to pseudo-normal. We're still getting ready for the memorial service next weekend and I am looking forward to seeing family that I haven't seen in a while, but it's been very trying. While we are all grateful that it's over, like I said it's been a LONG battle and agonizing to watch, it's still hard and the oddest things tear me up. I remember when I was little and I had a sleight addiction to Cabbage Patch Kids (I had 5!) and Grandma crocheted me little dresses for them. I thought they were so cool because they were frilly and old-fashioned and I loved them!

In other news, I finally got all signed up for Fall Semester at our local Community College. I'll be taking 3 classes - Math, English and Anatomy & Physiology (that one has a lab too!). That is 10 credit hours out of the 75 in total that I'll take to get my RN. I am so nervous about not doing well that I've checked out a book from the library called Anatomy DeMystified.... just so I can get a head start! If I do ok with this one I'll get Physiology DeMystified and go through that one too. They are setup like text books with chapter quizes, section tests and a final exam. I just finished the first section of 3 chapters and my quizzes got either 90 or 100% (each have 10 questions) and my test I missed 4 out of 25 which is better than passing so I'm happy. In a couple weeks I go meet with the financial aid folks to see how much money I qualify for.

Last night we had crochet group and I worked on another new design based roughly on my little black dress. I figured out what I don't like on it so that is a small step in the right direction. Also on the lbd, I started swatching out the knit version and I really like it. I have not heard back yet from the mag I sent the original to but maybe soon!

That's really it from me. To all the Mom's out there, have a great tomorrow!

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