Monday, February 06, 2012

The Fly Lady, and Booties

I spent a couple hours today creating and printing my Household Notebook/Control Journal. It's pretty and cheerful. My cover has my every morning & night routines, as well as this week/month's focus Zone and habit (according to I have weekly to-dos, daily to-dos, and places for inspiration that comes from helpful magazines.

My to-done's today include the cat box, dishes, picking dinner (Sloppy Joe's... whatchu got?), de-cluttering the dining room and polishing the table. (Polishing the table reminded me that I would REALLY like a new table... we got this one when we got married almost 13 years ago!).

In other news... I got a phone call from Gumballs and Overalls saying that 5 pairs of booties have sold, and could I please hurry it up and bring in more!! Okey Dokey!

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